Meet an invokers family member

Meet an invokers family member

Meet Lasse. 

Lasse joined the invokers family in May 2018 and is one of the guys who develops iOS based on SAP's Fiori SDK for our customers. He is especially an expert in finding elegant solutions to complex problems.

Lasse grew up in the southern part of Jutland and now lives in Aarhus with his wife Marianne, 1-year-old daughter Lærke and golden retriever Buffy (the Vampire Slayer). 
When Lasse is not working hard at invokers, you can find him with his daughter on his arm or with a craft beer in his hand, either from his own production or a bottle from the latest beer trend.

In addition, in the occasion of Christmas, Lasse has brewed a special beer for invokers. We call it X-mas Thinking by invokers.  

  • What do you do at invokers?
I develop mobile apps, primarily for iOS. Currently for Vestas on their Site Planner project, which is an iPad app that is used to optimize the planning of wind farm construction, especially with focus on minimizing expensive crane hours. 

  • How has it been, starting at invokers?

I have felt very welcome from the very first day. There is room to be innovative at invokers, a friendly tone and people help each other to solve technical challenges.

  • What do you do when you are not at work at invokers?

I spend time with my family. My 1-year old daughter gets most of my attention when I'm not at work. However, I also get time to make a small test brew once in a while and then I volunteer at the non-profit bar Fairbar in Aarhus.

  • What is your relation to home-brewed beer?
I have brewed beer at home since 2014, and after winning the Danish and Scandinavian championship in hand-brewed beer in 2016, I decided to try to start a small phantom brewery.
That is, I don’t own a brewery, but I use a part of a larger brewery that my neighbor conveniently manages. The recipes are tested in small sizes of 20L at the brewery at home before scaling up to approx. 400L batches.
In the best software style, I have named my brewery "Agile Brewing".

  • Facts about Lasse
Lasse has lived and worked in Zurich for 2 years, where he also volunteered in IAESTE, an organization that exchanges internships internationally for technical students. In addition, he has played the card game Magic the Gathering for almost 20 years.