Gazelle x 2

We caught another Gazelle! For the second consecutive year, Invokers is awarded a Børsen Gazelle, celebrating the fact that we are in the midst of a remarkable growth spurt. And we are pretty close to bursting with pride.

Since 2006, we have been striving to create business value for our customers through simple, high-performing mobile and web solutions with a special focus on the end-user. 

And our recipe for success seems to be working, based on our latest addition of the antelope species: First you take a group of customers who acknowledge the value of digital innovation and transformation anchored in the needs and ideas of the end-user. Then you add a dedicated and madly skilled group of Invokers that insists on creating cutting-edge yet simple digital solutions to optimize processes and workflows. The result is smarter, cost-reducing solutions that are easy to implement and use. Voila!